C3 Security bag – 325 x 480 mm Transparent

C3 Transparent

13 100 Ft [ nettó 10 315 Ft ]



The security bag is a tool of coding technology. With the help and uniqueness of its different security elements (unique serial number, bar code), with proper administration the access to the money/valuables/objects/package placed in the bag can become verifiable and traceable during its shipment and storage. The bags are to be used once and there are transparent and non-transparent bags available, even with two types of security tape furnished with thermal and chemical reagents.


Depending on the amount of bags sizes different from standard (width, height, depth) and different printings (own logo, unique set of serial numbers, unique labels, writable surfaces etc.) can be ordered. A document-pocket for storing paper supplements can also be placed on them.


Our products range from basic shipping bags to bags of high security level developed for value- and banknote transportation.





Bags with more security elements (of high security level) typically provide indispensable help in cash-logistic tasks (banknote and coin transportation) and during other value transportation processes. Naturally these bags are also suitable for the secure handling of documents, confidential parcels and other objects.


Standard sizes:


C3:      325 x 480 mm

B4:      260 x 375 mm

B5:      180 x 265 mm

K70:    150 x 245 mm

Coin 9,3 kg:    270 x 290 mm

Coin  15 kg:    400 x 410 mm

Műszaki adatok

Külső méret:
Külső méret - magasság: 480 mm Külső méret - szélesség: mm Külső méret - hosszúság: 0.07 mm
Termékcsalád: Nincs

Felhasználási terület

  • Jewelry - Pawn Shop - Currency Exchange
  • Logistics
  • Money transportation, money management
  • Money transportation, money management
  • Office
  • Store - Small company
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