Arm-strapped cash carrier suitcase with sound signal

88 900 Ft [ nettó 70 000 Ft ]


The alarm suitcase provides help when transporting cash, jewelry and other valuables or documents.

Suitcases equipped with many different tools are available.


Possible protective tools:


Sound signal:

In case of theft the activated sound signal makes the attacker traceable, signals the attack to its surroundings and may make the robber throw away the suitcase.


Smoke cartridge:

The smoke streaming from the suitcase with high pressure signals the attacker’s path and discolors the objects within the suitcase.


In case of the pull-clasped alarm suitcase, the alarm functions are activated when the pull-clasp on the carrier’s wrist is pulled out (upon the suitcase moving away from the hand), while protecting the carrier person from harm.

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