Wertheim CP 20 safe

1 187 450 Ft [ nettó 935 000 Ft ]

Várható szállítás: 4-8 hét


Wertheim CP20 fireproof safe

30-minute fireproof and MABISZ I, 70 million HUF insurance fireproof safe.

A novelty of Wertheim. Small size, low weight, optimal internal cubic capacity and MABISZ I, 70 million HUF qualification.

Wertheim offers a competitive product in a new segment. The MABISZ 70 million HUF qualified safes were originally large and heavy. These were usually purchased by larger companies, jewelry stores, pawnshops and banks. Because of their weight they posed serious floor load and delivery difficulties. they could not be placed or delivered anywhere. However, the CP safe series is completely new approach. It has all international qualifications such as the German Vds, the European ECB.S, the Austrian VSÖ and the French a2p, and it also has MABISZ I qualification, according to which the safe can be insured up to 70 million HUF, Due to its optimal weight it can be placed almost everywhere, even on higher floors while it is easy to deliver and install.

The CP20 is the second smallest of this series. Despite this even 12 A4 hardcover folders can be placed in the safe in two rows.

It is even suitable for premium home value storage, as its size allows it to be placed even in a wardrobe. It is an optimal choice for smaller pawnshops and jewelry stores, while companies, offices and depots with larger local cashiers can also choose the CP20.

By default the safe comes with 1 key lock with 2 keys. The key locks are VdS II qualified Sargent Greenleaf locks.

We can install mechanic numerical locks (LA Gard 3390s type) or electronic numerical locks (La Gard 39E, ML3520, STUV Tulox100) in place of the key lock as well. For the use and advantage of each lock please contact our colleagues.

The safe is suitable to be equipped with a secondary lock as well. This means that next to the key lock we can install mechanic numerical locks or electronic numerical locks. For the advantage of dual locking mechanisms please contact our colleagues.

By default the safe comes with 1 shelf. Please note that the shelves’ load determined by the manufacturer even with equal weight distribution cannot exceed 20 kg.

Further possible accessories:

  • Inner safe
  • Pull-out drawers
  • Lockable pull-out drawers, adjusted to the roof
  • Key holder
  • Internal LED lighting
  • Fire-resistant adhesive tape for better fire-protection
  • Unique RAL color
  • Further fastening boreholes
  • Qualified platform, to prevent the need for bending really down during use
  • Plexiglas cover on the door’s internal side, so that the locking mechanism is visible.

About the optional accessories please contact our colleagues.

Műszaki adatok

Külső méret:
Külső méret - magasság: 799 mm Külső méret - szélesség: mm Külső méret - hosszúság: 522 mm
Belső méret:
Belső méret - magasság: 685 mm Belső méret - szélesség: 495 mm Belső méret - hosszúság: 310 mm
Térfogat: 105 liter
Súly: 350 kg
Termékcsalád: Nincs

Felhasználási terület

  • Archival storage
  • Finance
  • Office
  • Office safes
  • Safes for the financial sector
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