Wertheim BM40 drop-in safe

1 625 600 Ft [ nettó 1 280 000 Ft ]

Várható szállítás: 4-8 hét


Wertheim BM40 drop-in safe

The BM series’ drop-in mechanism version. The drop in safe is 350 mm wide * 220 mm deep * 175 mm high. The drop-in mechanism can be locked safely with the help of a cylinder-lock; the lock comes with 5 keys. the drop-in mechanism comes with mechanical anti-fish protection.

The drop-in mechanism can be ordered for the safe in 3 different ways:

  1. The drop-in mechanism faces forward (towards the safe’s door), it is placed 85mm behind the safedoor’s plane (Standard drop-in)
  2. The drop-in mechanism is reversed (as in facing backwards), the mechanism is aligned with the safe’s backside plane
  3. The drop-in mechanism is reversed (as in facing backwards), the mechanism is 44mm beyond the safe’s backside plane

Maximum size of objects that can be placed into the drop-in slot: Document’s maximum size: A4 size, 15 mm thick, or any other object with a maximum size of 240 mm height * 180 mm wide * 60 mm deep.

General information:

The massive, double-walled, strong structure and the triple-walled door displays a strong resistance even against professional theft tools.

Despite its the resistant walls, and solid materials, it is characterized by small weight and compact size, so it is easy to place even in newly-built office complexes. Due to its small floor load it can be placed in offices on upper floors as well. It is lightweight, therefore delivery during installation is easy, and there is almost no chance of causing surface damage.

When turning the door-handle (and the safe is opened) a red circles becomes visible, indicating for you that the handle (and therefore the safe) is open. When the safe is closed the handle covers this circle and a green circle becomes visible. With this simple solution the safe constantly “warns” you of the handle’s position, minimizing the chance to leave the safe and its handle open.

An office document- or value-storage. Ideal for securing larger valuables (at shops with large turnover, restaurants, gas stations).

Műszaki adatok

Külső méret:
Külső méret - magasság: 1415 mm Külső méret - szélesség: mm Külső méret - hosszúság: 442 mm
Belső méret:
Belső méret - magasság: 1365 mm Belső méret - szélesség: 495 mm Belső méret - hosszúság: 310 mm
Térfogat: 209 liter
Súly: 345 kg
Termékcsalád: Nincs

Felhasználási terület

  • drop-in safe for stores
  • Drop-in safes for the logistics sector
  • Store - Small company
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