Way-Lok security seal


6 600 Ft [ nettó 5 197 Ft ]

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A tool of marking technology which, with its uniqueness (unique serial number, company name, logo, bar code), makes access to the protected object verifiable and traceable.

Metal layered seals, due to their structure protect your valuables on a higher level of security. To better prevent unauthorized access, in Precintia seals the metal layer is situated in a separate case – placed perpendicular to the pulling direction -, which is fastened inside the lock mechanism chamber with ultrasonic welding.

Adjustable security seal, which can be used generally for different tasks.

Ideal for sealing cash bags, for use in logistics, chemical industries, agricultural and food industries as well as for emergency exits and other supervised doors and windows.

It is also used for sealing rolling transport cages, containers, silos and tanks.

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