Promet FRS 165 fireproof safe

425 450 Ft [ nettó 335 000 Ft ]


To whom and for what we offer this safe: It is a classic office fireproof filing cabinet. We suggest it for companies where there are many papers, contracts, important documents that require fire protection, but only has small space available. Due to the cabinet’s massive structure it is also able to store a smaller cashier within its manufactory built-in inner safe. Size, appearance, function: It has an optimal internal size. Quality of a high standard, imposing appearance, fine painting and accurate joints characterize this cabinet. We suggest it to any types of office. Easy handling. The cabinet’s door-handle, as well as the whole locking mechanism automatically locks when the door is closed.

Műszaki adatok

Külső méret:
Külső méret - magasság: 1708 mm Külső méret - szélesség: mm Külső méret - hosszúság: 580 mm
Belső méret:
Belső méret - magasság: 1487 mm Belső méret - szélesség: 546 mm Belső méret - hosszúság: 418 mm
Térfogat: 346 liter
Súly: 390 kg
Termékcsalád: Nincs

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