NC 7100 2 pocket banknote counter and sorter appliance

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The NC7100 appliance is a 1+1 pocket, multi-currency (suitable to test HUF and EUR banknotes, can optionally be upgraded with other currencies) banknote counter and sorter appliance. Both in its structure, appearance and knowledge it meets the high-level (even financial or money processing) requirements. The appliance’s HUF software was developed through the close cooperation of our company, the manufacturer and The Central Bank of Hungary (MNB). Therefore it meets all requirements of MNB, and the appliance can be used with the approval of MNB for the counterfeit detection of all circulated HUF banknotes by financial institutes as well. The appliance’s software is approved by the European Central Bank (ECB) for the counterfeit detection of other currencies as well.


The NC7100 is the flagship of the NC series as apart from the sorting and counterfeit detection functions it is also equipped with the state of the art banknote counter functions. The appliance comes with the most modern image processing, the so called Light-Guide technology. Thanks to this technology we can easily and quickly sort the banknotes according to validity. This technology can test any currency (national currencies are optional), regardless of in what position (orientation) we place the note in the appliance.

Our company continuously works on keeping the software of the NC-7100 up-to-date in coordination with the manufacturer and MNB. Therefore the possible new security elements, new denominations (for every currency) are instantly integrated within the leading software, the upgrade of which is made available to our customers using this appliance.


The NC7100 can execute all four types of sorting processes simultaneously. Counts and verifies (sorts) the mixed banknotes according to their validity, furthermore, apart from displaying the total value it performs the denomination of counted banknotes as well. The appliance can identify the banknotes’ serial number. Optionally a customer display screen may be connected.

Technical details, attributes:

  • 1+1 pocket capacity
  • Sorting speed:

-Banknote counting: max. 1500 banknotes/min

-Denomination and counting: max. 1200 banknotes/min

-Serial number identification and registration + denomination and counting: max. 500 banknotes/min

  • Reliable counterfeit detection, MNB tested and approved!!!
  • Amount and value counting function
  • Testing sensors: Magnetic, Ultraviola, Infra, Light-Guide
  • User friendly handling, in addition to the ergonomic design, the large, color LCD screen can display much information at one time, helping handling with graphic images.
  • Identification and sorting by type
  • Sorting by image position
  • Sorting by validity
  • Sorting by front/backside and positioning
  • Programmable STOP function (for bundling)
  • Capable of processing EUR and HUF banknotes, but optionally it can be programmed to handle other currencies
  • The appliance can be integrated within any system. The banknote processing data can be followed on computer or can be printed.
  • Banknote capacity:

-Feeder: depending on the quality of banknotes: 500-700 banknotes,

-Output pocket: 250 banknotes (used banknotes)

-Sorting pocket: 100 banknotes (used banknotes)

  • Meets ROHS and CE standards
  • Sizes: 330 x 350 x 330 mm   (width x height x depth)
  • Weight: 15 kg
  • Power intake: max. 150W
  • Mains voltage:  100~240V  AC,  50/60Hz

Műszaki adatok

Külső méret:
Külső méret - magasság: 350 mm Külső méret - szélesség: mm Külső méret - hosszúság: 330 mm
Térfogat: 15 liter
Termékcsalád: Nincs

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