MABISZ 15 minute breakthrough protection security door

MABISZ 15 perces áttörésgátló Acél

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Uniquely manufactured metal-structure doors with a qualified lock mechanism that provides real protection. They cannot be mentioned on the same page with the paper-bar structure doors and windows that are only manufactured in one or two sizes and are promoted as security technology on the market. We suggest it for those who wish to have real physical protection both in home and company (store, financial institute, office) environments.

Banktech security doors are non-series manufactured in accordance with the customers demands and in a size and structure appropriate for local conditions. We also manufacture the external cover of the doors according to our customers’ demands, which meet even the highest of standards. We can even produce the copy of monuments’ original doors and windows in accordance with the expected security level. In stores, or where functionality is the main aspect, we suggest the simple metal covered door, which can be powder coated. We suggest the differently “elaborated” wooden cover to places where the appearance is also important.

We can also install security and bulletproof glass into our doors in different arrangements, and even make them openable.

There are several solutions when it comes to locks as well, 1, 2 or even 3 lock mechanisms can be placed with cylinder layer or double-sided key locks. It can also be equipped with an electronic lock for entry control systems and/or sluice systems.

Upon request we create a complete security system offer, which includes mechanical protection elements (doors, bars, glass, etc.) and the connected electronic protection devices (sluice, electronics, alarm, camera system, etc.)

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