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Classic security technical tool, which enables the protected area’s maximal separation while keeping the function of the window in accordance with the glass structure’s security class.

Its typical filed of use are different cashiers, and shops and offices where the valuables and personnel are put to risk of robbery or attacks.

Bulletproof glasses are glass structures made by layering flat glass and plastic sheets (foils).

Its functioning principle is that the projectile loses significant impulse upon penetrating each layer, until it stops. The layers glass structure completely takes over the projectile’s energy and impulse.

On the basis of resistance to firearms there are several kinds of bulletproof glass manufactured with different force and security level. Within one level of security there are two kinds of glass structures applicable.

Glasses marked “SA” do not provide safety from the glass splinters that come off – due to the projectiles penetrating the glass – on the protected side. The splinters that come off may explode with full force off of the inner side, causing increased risk of injury for personnel situated behind it. We recommend using it only in cases where there are no work done near the bulletproof glass. The “SA” glasses are thinner, lighter, and cheaper than the glass structures within the same security level that provide protection against splinter come off (marked “SF”). Therefore it provides a cost-effective solution in cases where the glass structure separating the protected area serves an aesthetic purpose or is present to let natural light inside.

Glasses marked “SF” are made of more layers, where the last layer towards the protected area even holds splinters that would come off with huge force. We recommend these glasses for places where there is work done directly behind the bulletproof glass (e.g.: counters, etc.).


Security levels:

BR2C1 SA/SF             Withstands: 9mm parabellum

BR3C2 SA/SF             Withstands: .357 magnum

BR4C3 SA/SF             Withstands: .44 magnum

BR5C4 SA/SF             Withstands: 5,56 * 45 assault rifle

BR6C5 SA                  Withstands: 7,62 * 51 rifle


Technical details:

BR2C1 SA      Thickness: 18 mm       Weight: 42 kg/m²

BR2C1 SF       Thickness: 27 mm       Weight: 63 kg/m²

BR3C2 SA      Thickness: 26 mm       Weight: 62 kg/m²

BR3C2 SF       Thickness: 38 mm       Weight: 89 kg/m²

BR4C3 SA      Thickness: 28,5 mm    Weight: 67,5 kg/m²

BR4C3 SF       Thickness: 40 mm       Weight: 94 kg/m²

BR5C4 SA      Thickness: 38 mm       Weight: 90,5 kg/m² 

BR5C4 SF       Thickness: 57 mm       Weight: 132 kg/m²

BR6C5 SA      Thickness: 65,5 mm    Weight: 153 kg/m²


When installing the bulletproof glass its frame plays a significant role (it also needs to be bulletproof (regarding structure and material), matching the security level that of the bulletproof glass), with which the glass is fit into the framework. The portal will be completely protected only when the glass and the frame are fastened into the opening in accordance with the effective instructions.

Our company undertakes, apart from purchasing the glass, to manufacture the appropriate frame and professionally install the structure in accordance with the instructions.

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