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Banktech Safe Ltd. is the number one national distributor for leading, worldwide known companies in bank technology for 24 years. The company, along with the former Banktech Security, the first Hungarian owned cash carrier and cash processing company, further improving the jointly accumulated safety technological and cash management experience has started dynamic development in recent years. It provides self-developed and commercial products, installation and maintenance services for technical- and technological- investments of national banks, specialized financial institutions, office buildings and hotels. We develop integrated protection systems on the safety level of possible risks that involve the design and implementation of property and fire protection supervisor systems and equipment, camera observation and keycard access control systems and computerized observation systems. Our experts, having wide knowledge of the great Western-European factories’ technical standards, realize our clients’ ideas with ready-to-use systems. Banktech Safe Ltd. offers and puts into circulation MABISZ qualified devices and equipment, which meet the requirements of EUROSAFE, the German VDMA and the Austrian VSÖ standards, the European rating systems representing the highest quality standards.


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Dr. Gergely Vásony - Banktech Safe
Dr. Gergely Vásony
managing director
+36 1 204 6642
gergely [at] banktech.hu

Partner and managing director of Banktech Ltd. since 2005. As a founding associate and financial director of Banktech Security Co. from 1993 to 2001, he participated in the designing and construction of the country’s largest and most modern forint, currency, banknote and coin processing facility. Director of the branch of Bank Indosuez Corporate Finance from 1990 to 1993. In 1990, as the departmental head of the International Management of Hungarian Credit Bank, he was responsible for developing the technical-technological conditions of the International Management established at that time, as well as for creating bank facility requirements. From 1973 to 1989 he worked at the Major Department of International Finances within the Ministry of Finance.

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Anna Neményi - Banktech Safe
Anna Neményi
financial and purchasing manager
+36 1 204 6642
anna [at] banktech.hu

Financial and purchasing manager of Banktech Safe Ltd. since 2001. She keeps in touch with the company’s partners outside the European Union. Between 1995 and 2001 she was the controlling and finance manager of Banktech Security Co. She worked as a macroeconomist at the Hungarian National Bank, Kereskedelmi és Hitelbank, and National Planning Office.

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Márton Vásony - Banktech Safe
Márton Vásony
business director
+36 1 204 6642
vasonym [at] banktech.hu

Working for Banktech Safe Ltd. since 2005, business director since 2008. In addition to keeping in touch with special customers, in recent years he led the installation and renovation of several repositories of value, including the repository of value of Hungarian National Bank on Szabadság square.

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Tamás Kratochwill - Banktech Safe
Tamás Kratochwill
business director
+36 20 969 1674
krato [at] banktech.hu

As a business director of Banktech Safe Ltd since 2008, he undertakes a significant role in improving the company and increasing its marketability. His daily tasks include keeping in touch with the company’s clients, including a multinational bank of more than a hundred branches, for which he provides safes, safety technology products and maintenance services.


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Péter Cságola - Banktech Safe
Péter Cságola
business manager
+36 30 396 4445
peter.csagola [at] banktech.hu

Business manager of Banktech Ltd. since 2011. Working in trade business as an economist expert engineer for 13 years, he’s a specialist in building and monitoring sales networks in the field of different products (technology, car industry etc.).


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Anett Lalova
business assistant
+36 1 204 66 42
anett.lalova [at] banktech.hu

Coordinates the administrative operation of Banktech Safe Ltd. as business assistant since 2011. Previously she spent four years at the Risk Management of the world’s largest bank, where she worked at first as a licensing banker, then as Supervisor, and finally, she conducted the all-round inquiry of counterfeit claims.