Banktech safe consulting
Our colleagues will help you to find the suitable safety technological solution to the best of their knowledge. Usually for most problems there are several other solutions at hand, often based on a different principle. We guide you with practical question to help you make the right decision. With the help of risk analysis we offer our optimal solution, while pointing out the advantages of each option.

Safe transportation and installation

Safe transportation and installation
A tested group of experts with over 20 years of accident-free experience handle the shipping and installation of our products. Our staff consists of reliable experts with a valid Certificate of Good Conduct. We possess the appropriate transportation and aid equipment required for every task and situation. In case of safes installed by us we provide a record of securing according to the insurance arrangements.

Servicing and maintenance

Servicing and maintenance with 12-24 hour field-work
We possess appropriately skilled experts for handling all types of tasks and devices, in alignment with our company’s portfolio of a wide range of products and services. Our employees are verifiable, reliable experts with a valid Certificate of Good Conduct. Either it comes to technical opening or fixing an electronic combination lock we possess the proper tools required.

Safetybox services

Please contact our colleagues regarding our soon available safetybox services!
Small and Medium Business Solutions Our company has an overview of the market of international security technology, so we gather our support and solutions for the private and small company sphere from a wider perspective. We provide professional support and modern products whether it comes to the protection of family savings and office valuables, the proper handling of small company payments or installing property protection systems.
Corporate Safety Solutions Among our references most participants of the Hungarian financial sector can be found, as well as the largest participants of logistics enterprises and trade networks, for whom we provided everything from payment securing devices to fully integrated systems in the course of our activity of 24 years. Our experts are well-experienced in working together with our customers to select the most suitable safes for the given purpose, and to plan and implement the vaults that fit the description the most. We also operate our vaults on demand.